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10 Care of Dog Temperature

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Often the owner touches his dog and feels that he is very hot, this automatically makes him think that his pet has a fever, which is not always true. The dog’s temperature is higher than that of humans, it is between 37.5 ° C and 39.5 ° C when the animal is healthy, so we feel them warmer than we are. But it does not mean that the owner should not be aware.

The temperature of the dogs also varies

As with humans, the dog temperature it also varies according to age and environment. Puppies and elderly dogs may have a lower temperature than normal and need to be heated more often, it is a natural condition of the body due to the greater fragility that these pets have.

When a dog exercises or is in a warmer environment, its body temperature can also rise, which can cause the impression of fever. It is not recommended to try to measure the temperature of the dog by touch, because it will always be higher than the human hand.

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