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10 Dog Books You Must Read

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Every dog ​​and book lover would like to immerse himself in reading about his best friend. We bring here a list of books about dogs that a good reader cannot fail to read. The list brings from fictional works, through real reports, to technical books about dogs. Check out!

1. Marley & Me – John Grogan

Perhaps the most famous book about dogs in the world. O bestseller tells the real story of John Grogan’s life with his Labrador Marley, the “worst dog in the world”. It is a captivating novel, written in first person, where John narrates the 13 years that Marley was part of his life, from the first months to the last moments, going through all the change in John’s life and the construction of his family having Marley by his side. The book became the eponymous film, released in 2008, with Owen Wilson in the role of John.

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