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10 Exotic Cats – Check out the most exotic cat breeds in the animal world

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The universe of pussies has an immense variety of coat types and colors, and it is possible to find many options for exotic cats. Mysterious by nature, felines can also present different styles of posture and behavior; however, there are some specimens from this world that stand out even more for their peculiar characteristics, and the search for different pussies is considered a passion for many.

Among the main and best known exotic cats, we can mention breeds such as Persian, Sphynx, Turkish Van, Snowshoe and Siamese – not to mention the breed that already has its peculiarity in its name: Gato Exótico (created by the cross between a Persian feline and American Short Hair).

The feature that counts most when it comes to finding an exotic looking pussy is its coat, which has nine main types of design variation and more than 90 different color options. The length of the hair and the color of its eyes can also be considered additional requirements for a feline to be considered differentiated, although both the rarity of the breed and the unusual appearance of the cat end up being the points that most attract attention in these pussies.

Short coat, long coat, absence of hair, absence of tail, eyes of different colors and spots that appear only on the extremities of the animal’s body are some (of the many) variations that an exotic cat can present; and, precisely, the most passionate characteristics of these animals full of mystery. See below some of the most exotic cat breeds and popular with pussy lovers, and understand the wide range of fur and colors that populate the feline world.

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