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10 Types of Dog Collars

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Dog collars are an indispensable item in the life of those who have a pet at home. Whether to control your agitated buddy or to avoid accidents, the dog collars and guides available in the pet market are increasingly innovative, both in materials and functionality – helping owners to solve problems and making it difficult to choose the right item, since the variety found today is quite large.

Although many still think that either type of dog collars may be ideal, there are many differences between them, and this much needed item must be carefully chosen by pet owners, taking into account factors ranging from the breed and size of the dog to its level of strength and agility.

The simplest collars – closed by buckles and connected to adjustable length guides – continue to be the most well-known and popular today, however, the market also offers different versions of halters, hangers, pectorals and headcollars, which can make all the difference in dealing with the animal and greatly facilitate the control of more agitated pets.

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