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4 environmental enrichment tips for dogs

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Who has never suffered from barking and excessive pet crying? Destruction of furniture and household objects? Or does the pet still have a habit of licking its paws all the time? If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, know that you may have a problem at home. Excessive barking, for example, can say a lot about your pet and the first one is that he may be bored. To deal with these behaviors you need to be very patient and offer activities for the pet. Including lots of fun and exercises in the furry routine, what we call environmental enrichment, can solve the problem! What is environmental enrichment? Environmental enrichment is the construction of a creative, attractive and fun environment for the pet indoors. Only then can the furry dog ​​spend energy in a healthier way. The objective is to increase the interaction of the animal with the space in a playful way, keeping the pet entertained and stimulated to exercise its natural instincts such as sniffing, digging, searching for food, exploring, etc. Here are some really cool tips to help you on this mission! 1. Offer toys There are very interesting toys on the market, but some can also be improvised at home such as offering a pet bottle with snacks inside so that the dog has to take them out to eat, give a green coconut so that it can destroy and hide snacks around the house where the pet can go. The stuffing toys are very interactive, as they can store cookies and snacks that dogs should strive to try to take. It is also valid to offer stuffed animals, rope or those that make noise. 2. Propose mental challenges There are specific toys to mentally stimulate the pet, but some things can be improvised at home such as: offering a pet bottle with snacks inside so that he has to take them out to eat, giving him a green coconut so he can destroy and hide snacks around the house where the pet can go. Another tip is the smart toys that are those that require some action from the animals to offer a reward. 3. Change the environment The most important thing is to offer different types of toys with different textures, smells and noises. Each animal will have a preference for a type, so find the type that will bring more fun to your furry. Another point is that pets will be more attracted to new objects. If you leave all the objects always scattered in the environment in which the dog lives, he will lose interest in him. So, always rotate the toys, placing a different one each day. This helps to make the environment more interesting. 4. Offer rewards A fun way to encourage your pet is to use food-dispensing toys, using part of the daily meal. This tip is from the ethologist and dog and cat behavior specialist Denise Falck. “It stimulates your natural instinct, to hunt, to move to eat. And the stimulus to drop the delicious food will encourage the pet. You can also use other foods, fruits and vegetables, with the guidance of the veterinarian ”. If you prefer you can put the feed in a pet bottle with holes. Thus, the furry must roll the bottle until the ration comes out of the small holes. Other toys like kong, which do not require a lot of movement. Ideal for elderly pets or those with limited movement. “They will try to remove the food with their tongue and this will entertain the animal without the need for a lot of movement. This can motivate you for a long time and over time, the tutor can increase the difficulty with harder foods, freezing the content. Now, if he gives up halfway, it is worth reducing the difficulty, because the idea is that he has fun ”, guides Denise. Did you know that Botica Pets has a Telegram Channel aimed at dog and cat tutors? Important information that can help you take better care of your friend. Follow us!

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