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5 Most Common Cat Problems

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Whoever has a cat knows that these adorable furry paws have their own ways that we don’t understand and will never understand. There are five cat problems that we consider the most common, find out here each one and how to deal with it.

The 5 cat problems most common are:

  1. Scratch

Whoever has a pussy at home, it is certain that they also have some piece of clothing or scratched furniture, because scratching is a very common habit of feline behavior and can be motivated for different reasons. Sometimes the cat just wants to sharpen the claws, at other times it just wants to relieve stress and boredom, to spend energy, or it can be to mark territory, because when scratching, the cat releases hormones in the place, demarcating the territory with its smell .

There is no way to stop the cat from scratching, this will continue to be one of the cat problems ever. What you can do is change the focus of the fate of the feline claws. Buy a scraper, they are perfect toys to distract the cat, make him expend energy and still save his rug and the new pillow you bought to put on the sofa. The most successful ones are the scratching towers.

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