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5 Steps of the Pedigree for Dogs

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Much is said about pedigree in the world of dogs and cats, however, the vast majority of the public that is interested in this world does not know exactly what are the conditions and processes that an animal must go through to receive this title. In summary, the Pedigree certificate indicates the main characteristics of a domestic animal according to a specific breed standardization, showing the ancestry of the animal until its third generation and classifying it as a purebred pet.

It is not any animal that can receive this type of certificate, considering that the pedigree it is only given to animals that go through this detailed process and are not the result of any kind of mixture between different breeds – something extremely common today.

To better illustrate how specific the characteristics of the animal that seeks this certificate should be, just remember the large number of special breeders present in Brazil and around the world today; who dedicate themselves exclusively to the breeding of pure breeds, even if for that, in most cases, they have to bring specimens from other regions and countries.

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