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6 tips to get to know your puppy better

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After a lot of research on the temperament of certain breeds, the size of the pet and even after evaluating whether the best option is to adopt and which NGOs to visit to find their best friend, the great moment has arrived: your beautiful puppy goes home and you will begin a long discovery of an endless friendship. But, then, the question beats: how to raise my puppy in the best possible way? We have gathered some tips that will ensure that your dog develops well, behaves well and that you have fun together, check it out! Tip 1: Know your dog’s behavioral characteristics well You need to know your dog so that you can create a routine that will make him satisfied and happy. If he is more agitated, it is recommended to encourage him with activities in which he can spend energy, such as walking and other games. If the dog is more likely to be sedentary, it is recommended to include in his routine activities that encourage him to move. Tip 2: There is no minimum age to train your pet Many people believe that there is a correct age to start training with your dog, but he can start training as soon as he arrives at your home. With patience and some care, teaching the dog allows him to establish an even greater bond of affection and security with his guardian. Tip 3: Socialize the puppy The dog must be socialized so that it becomes safer and less reactive to other people, animals or noise. Up to the age of three months, dogs have an easier time facing new experiences, so it is necessary that they be introduced to the largest number of people and animals possible and be exposed to routine noises, always under your guidance so that they feel safe. Although it seems simple, this attitude makes them feel calmer and more courageous when they are older. However, care must be taken with the way the dog is exposed so that there is no trauma. Tip 4: Your dog needs a leader Dogs must recognize you as a guardian and leader. Thus, the training routine that encourages good behavior and reward is a good strategy for this to happen. Not recognizing the tutor as a leader can cause aggression and other characteristics related to his attempt to dominate the environment. This happens because, of course, dogs walk in packs and for the furry ones, their pack is the family with which they live, thus, it is not a bad behavior, but a position that the dog naturally assumes, in case it does not identify the leader. Tip 5: Keep your puppy safe The first three months is the period that requires the greatest care for the pet’s health. It is necessary to avoid contact with animals with health problems or that you do not know until the puppy is fully immunized with the vaccines recommended by the veterinarian. To take the puppy for a walk, it is recommended to opt for a stroller or carry it on your lap, as it should not be at risk of contracting diseases during this period. Tip 6: Care at home At home, there are risks that need to be avoided. It is recommended to put guards on the balcony to prevent falls. In addition, prevent access to the pool and keep them away from household appliances. For the dog to adapt well to your home, it is recommended to create a space for him. Like the bedroom or living room, restricting your access to other parts of the room, with a “playpen”. In this place, it is necessary to put water, a toy and a hygienic mat. This helps the dog to be distracted and feel safe being close to its guardian. Are you ready to apply the tips? Read other tips for taking good care of your puppy on our blog! If you want to receive more information on how to care for your pet, visit our Telegram channel. Access our channel!

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