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7 advantages of natural pet products

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Increasing care for pets in recent years has greatly impacted the pet industry animal feed. This is because the market often follows trends in human nutrition in order to offer more health, well-being and quality of life for dogs and cats. Thus, the search for increasingly natural foods has gained strength and space on the shelves of pet shops and in the food jars of the furry ones.

Here are 7 advantages of natural products that you can choose for your pet and include in the fur routine:

1 – Grain-free foods

They are very popular in the pet market because they do not take cereals such as rice, corn, sorghum, soy, wheat or barley in their composition. Carbohydrates are replaced by potatoes, sweet potatoes, manioc, peas, lentils, among others. That’s because corn, wheat and soy, that is, simple carbohydrates, in excess become sugar in the body. Too much can cause obesity, diabetes or even chronic infections.

2 – Probiotics and prebiotics

Probiotics are food supplements made from live microorganisms that generate benefits by improving the intestinal microbiota, reinforcing the number of good bacteria. Prebiotics are dietary fibers that stimulate the growth or activity of one or more species of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, improving transit and intestinal health. In addition, they regulate parameters such as triglycerides and blood glucose. For pets, these compounds can be present in diets and supplements and provide many benefits.

3 – Functional ingredients

They are those foods or ingredients that, in addition to basic nutritional functions, when consumed as part of the usual diet, produce metabolic and / or physiological effects beneficial to health. These foods are considered health promoters and may be associated with a reduced risk of some chronic diseases.

This is what Botica does: it combines the ancient simplicity of therapy through plants and food with modern technology. We combine these two types of assets in balanced and specific formulas for various complaints, providing a better quality of life for pets through, mainly, the increase of the body’s defenses.

All of our supplements are 100% natural, with no preservatives. In addition, the ingredients complement each other, promoting a synergistic effect that provides health and longevity to pets. Find out more here.

4 – Without by-products

It is what is left over from the slaughter of animals and which is not used in human food, such as viscera, bones, cartilage. Often, these “remnants” would only be used for the production of candles, soap and cosmetics.

5 – Free of GMOs

They are inexpensive and are present in most diets. You can know just by looking at the label on which that black “T” is present inside a yellow triangle!

6 – Free of BHA and BHT preservatives

Research shows that BHT and BHA can cause damage to health and can be carcinogenic if used constantly in a very large amount, since it induces changes in DNA.

7 – Free of synthetic additives

These ingredients are very harmful to health, but used in most diets for some reasons. Stabilizers maintain the appearance and physical condition of the food so that it remains crispy, for example. Flavorings give the feeling that the food tastes better, as it increases the artificial flavor and smell. The dyes enhance the color of the food, creating a more “beautiful” appearance, but that is not always synonymous with healthy.

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