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7 Tips for Brushing Cat Hair

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Cats need special care in terms of both appearance and health. Brushing the cat’s fur is one of those special cares that gatekeepers need to be aware of. In certain breeds, brushing the coat should be quite frequent.

Brushing cat hair it is a simple task, but one that requires attention. The cat, when it has its hair brushed regularly, is less likely to suffer from hairball problems, for example. What’s more, your home has less hair scattered over the furniture.

Basic walkthrough

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Despite being a simple task and should be something routine, brushing the coat can be complicated if your cat hates the process. Here are some basic tips that can help you:

  • Choose the right brush. There are cats with short, medium or long hair, for each there is a different brush that is more suitable. Shorthaired cats need a brush with soft bristles. Cats that have medium and long coats need a brush that is a little less soft, to better undo the tangle that happens due to the length of the hair;
  • The nominee is brush cats hair outdoors. If you are going to do it indoors, place a towel or some other surface where the hair can fall. Do not take the cat out of the absolute and start brushing it like there is no tomorrow, it will fight to get out and this will make it harder for you to keep brushing. Earn his trust little by little, lay him close and pet him until he is very calm and relaxed. So start brushing gently, don’t press the brush too hard, it may end up hurting;
  • During brushing, it is necessary to clean the brush to remove the hair that got stuck and did not come loose. Comb the brush with a brush to help remove the agglomerated coat.
  • When brush cat hair, is a great time to better check the skin under the hair. It is always recommended to do this check for wounds and injuries that may indicate some type of disease;
  • Getting rid of hair knots can be difficult, so it takes a lot of patience, willingness and free time when deciding that it’s time to brush the pussy of the house. Do not cut the knot, do not force the brush to untie the knot. The way is to be calm and brush until the knot comes undone. Hold the hair on the base, so that when you pass the brush, do not pull the hair root too much, thus avoiding hurting your pussy;
  • Brushing should be done with the brush going towards the hair, never the other way around;
  • Be careful when brushing the cat in the belly area, around the eyes, muzzle, mouth and ear. They are more sensitive regions, a little bit of strength and you will hurt him.

Brushing cat hair it should be done regularly, especially in cats that have medium or long hair. The frequency will vary according to the type of hair, let’s see:

It is not extremely necessary to brush, they alone remove the hair when bathing, is the example of Cornish Rex. But if you prefer, bathe them once a month and brush. On the other hand, cats with short and dense hair, monthly brushing is mandatory, as is the case of British Shorthair and American Shorthair.

Brushing is required at least every two weeks.

They are the ones that most need a brush! The recommended is brush cat hair with a long coat every other day. It is laborious, but it is necessary.


Cleaning the dead hair is fundamental to the health of the cat, in addition to being a matter of hygiene. One of the most common problems that cats suffer from is hair balls that form in the stomach or do not even get there, sometimes the hair clumps together and chokes the kitten. In some cases it is necessary to have the cat undergo surgery to remove the hairball.

Brush the cat’s fur prevents these accidents from happening. Take good care of your cat and brush it regularly, the cats thank you.

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