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Advantages of neutering your dog

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Everyone agrees that neutering the dog is one of the best options, if you are not a breeder or do not want to have puppies. And really, there are many advantages to castrating. In addition to improving (and greatly) your dog’s health, it will also prevent the abandonment of puppies.

The entire procedure is done very safely. Most clinics are reliable and perform castration surgery very efficiently. Want to know what the advantages of neutering your dog? Check out:

Decreases the habit of marking territory

Undoubtedly, the frequent marking of the territory with pee is the most striking feature of non-neutered dogs. If the pet is spayed until the first year of age, this marking of territory will not occur.

If the dog is already an adult when it castrates, this amount of territory marking will decrease considerably.

Much more peaceful tours

If your dog needs to mark territory with every post he sees, know that it can be reduced. Castration can make your walks much more peaceful, pleasurable and without the numerous stops on the pole.

In addition, the desire to chase after females will also decrease. That is, you will not be so embarrassed during the tours.

The neutered dog does not get fat due to the surgery

Many people still believe that dogs gain weight after neutering surgery. However, what happens is the lack of care with feeding a neutered dog. He will certainly feel more appetite, but the owners will need to maintain a well balanced diet.

Controlling your pet’s diet will fight obesity after spaying. So, opt for neutered pet food and avoid giving excessive snacks.

Spaying your dog is much cheaper

Financially it will be much cheaper to have a neutering surgery instead of having several unexpected puppies. Just do a little analysis: put on paper the value of castration in your city and compare it with the values ​​of vaccines, medicines, dewormer and feed for all new puppies.

Result: you will spend much less neutering your dog!

Females are less likely to have cancer (neoplasia)

Females greatly reduce their chances of getting breast cancer after surgery. Spaying your puppy will prevent the appearance of tumors in the mammary glands, according to veterinarians.

Of course, the advantages of neutering vary from dog to dog. However, it is important to note that, regardless of your dog’s breed, his health will improve A LOT.

Think about it and choose to castrate your pet.

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