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It is common to say that the age of animals is calculated by multiplying by a corresponding year of human age, but the calculation complicates a lot, as it is not known for sure to say which number to be multiplied to calculate the ages of animals.

The most common is to give 7 human years for every 1 animal year, in the case of dogs, which is not entirely true. In fact, the calculation of age of animals varies a lot according to the size of the dog, analyzing the physical size, according to the following table:

The cat can vary its age to be calculated considering the fact that it is raised indoors or if it is a stray cat. Anything that involves the cat’s health can directly influence this count.

In fact, both the cat and the dog develop more quickly in the first two years of age, so it is somewhat abstract calculating the age of animals, an exact number cannot be stated with certainty.

Cats, after 2 years old, age about 4 years for each year of our calendar, and cats that live on the streets, the so-called mongrel cats, can get to age up to twice as fast. Read more about the age of cats.

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Dogs, in turn, vary their acceleration of the aging process according to their size, as shown in the first table. Small breeds (dogs weighing up to 10kg) and medium breeds (weighing between 11kg and 20kg) age approximately 5 years for each ‘human’ year, while large breed dogs (between 21kg and 40kg) age 6 years for each year ours and the giants (over 41kg) age up to 7 years! Read more about the age of the dogs.

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