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Age of Cats – How to Calculate Compared to Ours

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It is common to look for relationships between the age of cats and the age of dogs compared to that of humans and the calendar we use. Some time ago, it was stipulated that each year of cats and dogs was equivalent to seven years of ours, but this can be considered a myth created at the time when dogs lived at most ten years, while human beings lived until seventy.

The interest about age of cats it grew and, recently, Arnold Plotnick, a veterinarian specialized in felines, proposed new ideas on the subject. The first idea is that cats live longer than dogs, in addition to maturing faster when young, and that growth slows down when they get older. Another curiosity is that stray cats age faster than those raised at home.

As an example of this, one can point out the fact that a six-month-old cat can already reproduce. And, when it comes to early maturation, the bones of cats stop growing at the age of two, meanwhile, in humans, it only happens at the age of 24.

Based on his studies and other publications on the subject, the veterinarian proposed six age cycles for the cats, which are divided as follows: puppy (from 0 to 6 months), junior (from 7 months to 2 years), developed (from 3 to 6 years old), mature (from 7 to 10 years old), senior (from 11 to 14 years old) and elderly (from 15 years old).

Check out a table below that shows the life cycles of cats and compares the age of cats to the age of humans.

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cat age

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But how to know the feline age?

To know how to convert feline years to human years, we first need to know what is the age of cats. This can be difficult especially if you adopted or bought the cat without knowing how old it was.

A good way to calculate, even if you don’t get an exact result, the cat’s age is by analyzing its teeth. Cats that are young have twenty-six teeth in all and are temporary, as in humans when we get milk teeth. There are fourteen upper teeth and twelve lower teeth.

The cat’s first teeth will only appear after two weeks of life. The incisors are the first to appear and with three to four weeks of life canines appear. By the sixth week the kitten has the lower temporary premolars.

If the cat already has twenty-six teeth, in this case still a puppy, you will know more or less his age just by that detail. If he already has twenty-six temporary teeth, he is about two months old.

At around three months the cat starts to change the teething for the adult, this process is completed at six months of age and will be the teething that the cat will have for the rest of its life.

From there, to analyze the age of cats just looking at the teeth, it starts to get a little complicated, as it varies a lot according to the care taken with brushing the pussy. The cat up to a year old usually has teeth that are still white. From the age of three onwards, all teeth are taken up by tartar and start to become worn.

This means of identifying the feline age helps more when adopting the puppy, so you know how many weeks or months it has. After that, just compare it to human age and dispute your old age with your kitten.

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