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With the advancement of technology and an increasing number of people with access to the internet, websites specializing in the most diverse types of subjects are the main source of news and information for the public. Animal, relationship, aesthetic, fashion website – the range of subjects is huge and the amount of content is the same.

On a animal website, especially, the importance of the veracity of the information is enormous. Especially with regard to the health of animals, those who access the site and have contact with the content produced by it need that information to be legitimate, since they will serve to care for their pets and, even, the pre- diagnosis of some diseases before taking the sick pet to the vet.

Knowing the reliability of an animal website

Referrals from professionals in the field, or even good knowledge on the topic, are a good idea when looking for a reliable website to read about such a symptom that your dog or cat is presenting, or to find out about any disease that you suspect that he may have contracted, mainly.

On a dogs and cats website, the presence of a trained veterinarian is essential for the production and publication of content related to canine or feline health. In addition to a thorough research by the editors who will produce the content. It is necessary to find out about the topic before writing about it.

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The CachorroGato newsroom is supervised by the veterinarian Ricardo Tubaldini Nunes (CRMV: 23.348), among other collaborating veterinarians, and no content on animal health is published before the direct review of the doctors, in addition, the editors always undergo a complete research, with several information sources, so that only the best and most reliable content reaches the screen of the people who access the page.

CachorroGato values ​​values ​​such as responsible ownership of animals and the well-being of pets always comes first, so for us it is of paramount importance to authenticate the information by our veterinarian, so that we can help pet owners in care with your pets.

The supervision of a veterinarian is essential for the production of reliable content on an animal website, and the knowledge that animal websites they serve as an aid, but one should not rely only on this possibility, but rather seek a qualified professional who guarantees the accurate diagnosis and treatment.

The animal sites are not limited to the health of the animal, there are other linked features, the sale of accessories, and the offer of services such as hotels that accept dogs, trainers, kennels for the purchase of puppies, are also on the product lists to be offered by animal sites, in addition to a range of new business possibilities that have been appearing on the internet.

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ATTENTION: This content is for information only and does not replace consultation with a veterinarian or specialized service. Find a supplier near your home.

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