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Bath Right for Pets

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Take the pets to bathe it is not always an easy task and many doubts arise. Where to take? How often? What is the best time and age? Can I bathe at home without worrying? Dogs and cats need special attention when bathing. It is necessary to take into account some characteristics of its breed, size and age so that the animal’s bath is given correctly.

The recommendation of veterinarians, in case of dogs, is to bathe every two weeks. Only those who get very dirty, or walk and take to the streets every day, need a bath once a week. For cats the rule is different. Cats should bathe only once every 30 days, as daily brushing of pets helps to eliminate dead hair, and the animals themselves clean themselves through their saliva when they lick themselves.

Bathing at home or in a pet shop?

The preference of many dog ​​and cat owners is to bathe their pets at home. Many animals are scared and stressed when they go out and stay in contact with other individuals and, for that, the best option is to clean at home.

Cleaning with the owner can bring more confidence to the animal and thus be carried out correctly and without risks. There are some areas of the body, such as eyes and ears, that need more attention and care when washing. Always be aware of the amount of water to rinse your eyes and ears when bathing.

But bathing in pet stores is not contraindicated. There are many good places to take your Pets, where you can find several additional services in addition to a full bath or special grooming, and the convenience of a service takes you and your family. Our pets need care and we don’t always have time to fully satisfy them.

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What is the right age to start bathing pets?

O first pets bath can be given in the second month after birth and with vaccinations up to date. Care must be taken with the most sensitive regions and with the water temperature, which must be lukewarm to keep the hair soft and to keep the pet relaxed. Some puppies need their owners around to feel safer and less stressed.

The products used for bathing the animals must be suitable for the breed type and have the ability to clean and hydrate properly. The shampoo for dogs or cats chosen is also very important at bath time for pets. After washing the dogs or cats, the hair needs drying with towels and hair dryers so that they do not run the risk of getting sick.

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ATTENTION: This content is for information only and does not replace consultation with a veterinarian or specialized service. Find a supplier near your home.

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