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Bathing in cats is always portrayed as an arduous and complicated task, since the fame of aversion to water has been following this animal for centuries. However, not all kittens suffer from this disease and, most of the time, when they are accustomed to squirting and bathing full of water, this issue does not prevent or scare the pussies at the time of complete cleaning.

Clean by nature, cats already regularly clean themselves by licking, but that is not enough to keep the animal really clean. Considering that the act of licking felines is also a way for them to “camouflage” their scent by a natural instinct, and not just a hygienic habit, it is highly recommended to give the bathing in cats at least once a month.

In the case of owners who have cats really scared of the water, the secret is patience, and bathing attempts should be made frequently so that the animal gradually gets used to it. Anyway, following a basic “step by step” can help everyone who wants to clean their kittens at home (since, today, there are several pet stores that offer this type of service).

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Leaving hot water is essential when bathing the cat, considering that the body temperature of the pussies is higher than ours. Having a basin or cat bathtub it is a good choice, and purchasing products (such as shampoo and conditioner) developed according to the particularities of the animal’s breed is also important.

When bathing the cat, it is essential that the animal gets wet gradually, always leaving the animal’s head last. It is worth remembering that the cat should never be “sunk” in the water in which it is bathing (or any other), and that a cotton pad should be placed in its ear, preventing drops from entering its ear during the cleaning process. .

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