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Benefits of the Balance Formula for healthy pet skin

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Dermatitis, itching, shedding, redness of the skin, flaking, opacity of the hair, inflammation of the ears. Have you ever heard of these problems that can affect cats and dogs and cause a lot of discomfort to them?

The fur and coat are a reflection of the health of the dog and cat organism. After all, most of the time, it is on the skin where the first signs of a local or systemic disease appear. Therefore, it is of great importance that the pet’s skin and hair are always healthy.

THE Balance Formula gathers the benefits of functional foods so that you include in your pet’s routine a natural care that provides a healthier life and free from skin problems.

Discover 5 reasons to include the Equilibrium Formula in your best friend’s daily life!


1st Reason: strengthens the immune system

To ensure a healthy coat, the pet’s body needs to be in balance and with sufficient immunity to fight diseases. The benefits of the food gathered in the Equilibrium Formula have the ability to modulate the immune system, aiding in the detoxification of the organism and digestive pathways and contributing to the strengthening of the pets’ natural defenses.

Thus, using the formula ensures the proper functioning of the body as a whole. And, in addition, it stimulates the fur’s natural defenses.

2nd Reason: the pet’s mood improves

Pets work like us: when the body does not receive the necessary nutrients to maintain health and well-being, there may be a lack of energy, lethargy, apathy and, in some cases, even aggression and a bad mood. Therefore, it is essential to know how to properly feed your pet.

In addition to offering a quality natural food or diet (AN), it is necessary to understand that, in some cases, industrialized diets can cause digestive difficulties for the furry ones. With the use of the Equilibrium formula, digestion improves, which can help the pet’s mood stability.

3rd Reason: avoids diseases

The ingredients were selected to provide more health not only for the skin, but also to maintain a balanced and strong body, preventing the pet from getting sick.

Discover some of the components of the Equilibrium Formula and its benefits:

Carrot: source of antioxidants, vitamin A and carotenoids, which stimulate tissue reconstitution (assisting in the treatment of dermatological conditions, for example) and help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Garlic: assists in the elimination of toxins, has a germicidal action and stimulates the immune system. It also improves blood circulation and helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Artichoke extract: facilitates digestion, stimulates the liver and increases the release of bile, promoting the elimination of toxins and regulation of the intestine. Lupeol, present in artichokes, has a toxic action against tumor cells and has antioxidant activity.

Seaweed extract (chlorella): rich in chlorophyll and iron in a concentration equivalent to red meat and offal. Due to this property, it can be used in cases of anemia (because its derivatives stimulate the formation of red blood cells).

Extract of citrus fruits (acerola): largest source of vitamin C and antioxidants, which help to strengthen the immune system. It also works as an astringent for liver disorders and neutralizes free radicals.

Brewer’s yeast: stimulates the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria for the digestive system, facilitating the breakdown and absorption of food. Helps the immune system of animals through amino acids that act to have an effect against bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.


4th Reason: It is tested and proven by veterinarians

The Equilibrium Formula is approved by several veterinarians who report successful cases with their patients. One of them is Zoe, a Golden Retriever, a patient of veterinarian Rita de Cássia Navarro Pinhanelli (CRMV: 5975-SP), who had a severe dermatitis. See the report below:

“Zoe was given several medications, mainly antibiotics. After 30 days of using the formula, all medications were removed because her skin was much healthier with the introduction of the Equilibrium Formula ”.


How to use the Equilibrium Formula

The Equilíbrio Formula is marketed for dogs and cats in powder and tablet. And only for dogs in the form of treats. Ingestion should happen during or after meals.

Supplements are sold in our online store and to purchase, simply click here and place your order.

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