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Big dog in apartment – VetSense

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Some people think that large dogs do not adapt in apartments. However, reality shows us that this coexistence can work very well. And, despite space limitations, experts guarantee that your large pet can be happy and healthy!

Of course, there are some points to be respected. In addition, some adaptations are also necessary on the part of the owner. Therefore, we have separated some tips to help you respect the nature of your pet.


A constant and intense routine helps (and a lot) for the perfect coexistence of a big dog in an apartment. Taking daily walks will contribute to maintaining your dog’s health.

The ideal is to walk twice a day, around 30 to 45 minutes. You can walk and alternate a few minutes of running as well. This way, the dog will always be in daily activities and will reduce stress and boredom.

Mental and physical stimulation

Stimulating both mentally and physically is extremely necessary. This will ensure a reduction in anxiety, stress and boredom. Therefore, make some objects available to distract you around the house, especially when you are not present.

You can even hide snacks in some strategic places to encourage you to look. Surely he will waste time sniffing and will not have time to be bored!

House adaptation

It is important to make some changes in the environment that will receive a large dog. Because they are a little stupid in some games, you will need to create a space free of breakable objects.

Also, invest in a decoration that is taller. This way, you prevent the dog from playing with something important to you. And think, too, on your apartment floor. Porous floors are best to prevent falling.

Look for neighbors to stroll together

It is important to create a relationship with your neighbors who also own dogs. Dogs need social interaction with both animals and people. So, look for some company in the neighborhood for the daily tours.

This act of love will make your dog always happy and excited when going out for daily exercise. And one of the consequences will be to reduce stress, improve health and behavior in society.

See how it is possible to have a big dog in an apartment? The better the space is set for him, the better he will behave. The important thing is to always think about your dog’s well-being and happiness.

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