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Biggest Cat in the World | Dog Cat

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Records are there to be broken. That’s what many say and with the record book, the Guinness Book, being released every year, it’s thousands of records broken in a few months. However, there are some records that are so absurd that they stay for a few years with the same person or animal. This is the case with the largest cat in the world.

In 2009 it was the first time that Magic Scarlett ended up in the record book as the tallest cat in the world, with 41 cm measured from the shoulders to his paws. A year later, she broke her own record, measuring about 46 cm. In the same year she increased the list of records, becoming the biggest cat in the world 108, 51 cm long and became the first animal to have two records.

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And if the unusual size of the Magic breed was not enough, Savannah F1 is known worldwide for its resemblance to wild cats.

If the size and titles of biggest cat in the world, Magic is also very similar with some of the most dangerous and fastest cats in the world. Sleeping and waking up with her shouldn’t be easy, getting confused all the time and thinking she is at risk of life, until she meows to the owner and asks for affection or food.

After Magic came Stewie, who also had the record for largest domestic cat in the world. He, who was eight years old when he passed away in late 2012, reached 1.23 meters from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. Living with his owner Robin Hendrickson in the city of Reno, in the United States, Stewie had cancer in his right eye, underwent chemotherapy, but could not resist and died in September 2012.

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