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Biggest Dog in the World | Dog Cat

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With 1.12 meters from the feet to the shoulders measuring up to 2.26 centimeters, Zeus is one inch (2.5 centimeters) bigger than the former record holder of the biggest dog in the world, Giant George, who was also of the Great Dane breed.

This breed is known for its size, being able to reach 1 meter or more in height and weigh up to 80 kilos, but with typically gentle behavior. Zeus, the youngest “Biggest dog in the world”Is only 3 years old, 70.3 kilos and eats an average of 10 kilos of food a day.

Despite his size, Zeus has a quiet relationship with family members and other animals with whom he lives. To get a good sense of his size, Zeus is so big that he can drink water from the kitchen sink tap normally, without having to stand on two legs or lean on anything.

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About the Great Dane

Dogs of the Great Dane breed have a typically friendly behavior, being very affectionate with their owners, especially with children. Despite this, it is not a race that fears attacks, being brave when facing danger and cautious with strangers.

At twelve months of age, they have reached adult size, which guarantees their giant size classification and are known worldwide as the biggest dogs in the world. Despite this, maturity is reached between two and three years, only.

Because they are of a giant size, their life expectancy is extremely reduced close to other breeds, varying between 6 and 8 years of age, reaching up to 14 years in rare cases.

Along with their size, these dogs can present several health problems, some of them genetic, such as hip dysplasia, a disease that causes pain and hinders mobility. It is necessary that tests be done on the parents before breeding dogs of this breed to diagnose the chances of the puppies to develop this disease.

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