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Bones for Dogs – Options and care

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One of the most common pastimes for dogs is gnawing bones and burying them. Common sense says it’s natural, a dog likes to gnaw bone. But is it recommended to give bones to dogs? Here you will learn about the different types of bones.

No kind of homemade food, the one we eat every day and give the dog leftovers, should be given to the dog, unless it has been specially prepared for him, following a series of rules that you can learn by clicking here. The bones for dogs they are no different.

Natural bones are not indicated

The bone of any type of bird, for example, is absolutely contraindicated. Bird bone can splinter when digested and can cause serious damage, such as perforation of the intestine.

Ox and pig bones can be given if they are raw, but bone size is a problem to watch out for. The bone cooking process, for those who like to give bone for dog after lunch, it makes bone digestion more difficult.

Raw bone can be given, the dog’s immunity can deal with raw meat bacteria, if any remains around the bone, however the ideal would be to boil. Only boil, never cook.

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However, to ensure your dog’s health, do not give animal bones. The dog needs to gnaw bone, but there is an alternative.
Artificial bone for dogs

The dog really needs to gnaw, as the act helps in cleaning the teeth, improving oral hygiene. And the dog needs a source of calcium and vitamins, found in bones for dogs.

The bones you buy at a pet store are recommended, as long as they are not made of leather. The bone for a dog is made of leather, uses cow’s leather, and can contain toxins.

The bone for the dog should be the size corresponding to twice the size of the dog’s open mouth, so that he does not swallow. The bone should be discarded when it starts to go limp and decrease in size, as in this case the dog has a high chance of swallowing it.

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