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Breed Dogs – The Beauty of Purebred Dogs

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When we think of beautiful dogs, generally, the first ones that come to mind are those dogs of defined breed, with striking traits and personality that matches what we expect from a four-legged companion.

The breed dogs are the ones known for, unlike mutts, they don’t have any mix of races in their genetic lineage. They can be small, medium, large, of all colors and types. They usually obey the behaviors and personality that their breed has, so it is easier to predict how a puppy will breed when he grows up.

The breeds of dogs are so many and so diverse that it is very difficult that, in the middle of the entire catalog of options, the person looking for a new pet does not find a puppy has everything to do with him and that he falls in love with.

Some types of breed dogs

Purebred dogs fit into any physical space and match every type of owner’s personality, with just a brief search to find the perfect breed for what you expect from a dog.

There are small breeds, such as the chihuahua, the dachshund (the popular sausages), the lhasa apso, maltese, toy poodle, pug, scottish terrier, shih tzu, yorkshire terrier, west highland white terrier (popularized as IG dog), among others. Read more about small dog breeds.

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For those who prefer medium-sized breeds, there are the options of basset hound, border collie, english bulldog, bull terrier, cocker, shetland shepherd, poodle, among others. They are not as small, but they also do not require as much space as larger dogs.

Those who have a lot of space and like large breeds, great options are chow chow (the one with the blue tongue), dalmata, golden retriever, siberian husky, labrador retriever, german shepherd, rottweiler, among a multitude of others.

And the big guys, known as giant breeds, like german dog, brazilian row, são Bernardo, bernese mountain dog, mastiff, neapolitan mastiff, alaska malamute, newfoundland.

Where to find breed dogs?

The easiest way to find a breed dog is through a kennel. If they don’t own the dog you want, they will surely know where you can find breed dog breeders, who are people specializing in specific breeds and who breed these breeds exactly to market the puppies later, as well as participating in contests and giving dogs for commercials.

The biggest advantage of acquiring a new pet through a breeder is the guarantee that the puppy you are taking home has been well taken care of and is the breed you want. To prove this, breeders provide the dog’s pedigree, documenting that it has no mix in its lineage.

Pedigree of the dog

There are, unfortunately, many breeders who take advantage of the status of purebred dogs to take advantage of and sell crossbreed dogs at the price of a purebred dog, which can cause the buyer to be surprised about the dog’s appearance or personality when he goes. more adult.

It is known that the pedigree is very important when buying a breed dog, but few know exactly what it is. The pedigree is a certificate issued by the breeder of the dog, which contains his family tree and attests that the dog, in fact, comes from a pure lineage.

Despite this, the pedigree does not attest to hereditary diseases or temperament problems, being just an important document of guarantee that the money invested is even being applied to a dog of the breed that the breeder is saying he is. A reputable and responsible breeder provides the dog’s pedigree with at least three previous generations. Read this article full of tips when buying a dog.

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