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Much has been discussed about the ability to feel what animals would have. In fact, canine feelings have always been associated with simply behavioral reactions to the environment in which it is located, and not something related to emotions as we know it.

However, a neuroscientist at the University of Georgia, named Gregory Berns, after a series of tests using an MRI machine, found that animals use the same part of the brain to have canine feelings that we humans use when we have emotions.

Berns noted that when introducing the owner to the dog’s scent, it activated the same brain area that is activated in humans when they show some feeling. Neuroscientists call this functional homology and, if proven really with more studies, it would establish that dogs’ ability to feel would be similar to a child’s ability to love.

Dogs reproduce feelings

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A University of London study looked at the behavior and reactions of dogs of different breeds when stimulated by the emotions of others. The third parties, who were strangers to the dog, simulated crying or made a noise. The result was quite interesting: the dogs approached those who were crying to lick, in an attempt to comfort; those who made a noise when crying, the dogs did not approach.

This proves that the dog does not approach due to curiosity because of the sound, since crying also produces a certain sound, but because they feel empathy for the people that the dog felt they were suffering, regardless of whether the person is known or not. The canine feelings of empathy exist.

Canine feelings

When a new animal arrives at the home, the dog tends to be jealous, but this may be for reasons of territoriality, the dog does not want to share its space. However, the dog also does not want to share its owner with anyone else. A psychologist at the University of Porstmouth, USA, confirmed that in almost all cases where the owner brings a boyfriend home, the dog, out of jealousy, tries to get rid of that person at first or even if placing between the two of them on the sofa and the bed, as they do not want anyone to share the owner’s attention with them.

Others of canine feelings they are the sense of justice, fear and guilt. In an experiment in which the dog does the same thing that another dog is doing, at the request of the owner, and the owner does not get snacks, unlike that, the dog will feel that he is being treated differently and tends to not want to participate in that anymore.

Guilt, despite being related to fear of scolding, is a canine feeling. When the dog does something, he feels he has done wrong, he associates this act with the scolding that he will win and, for being able to feel the owner’s emotions, he will feel that the owner was angry, and then the guilt strikes for having done, precisely because of punishment, so to speak.

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