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Care for mom and babies after giving birth

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The care for mom and puppies they must start well before giving birth and continue with the birth of the litter. Of course, each pet has its specific needs during pregnancy and after giving birth – this post does not summarize them all – but we want to offer you some tips that will suit any mom and baby!

The furry that just had puppies needs attention and resources to maintain its health and that of its litter. It is she who will ensure the survival of the little ones in the first days of life and feed them until they are weaned – which happens until the sixth week of the furry’s life.

Here are some tips to help the new mom and her puppies:

Eating for an entire litter

It is essential that the mother after delivery receives a balanced diet with proteins, fats, fibers, vitamins and minerals. If you have already changed her food to a puppy type with the guidance of a veterinarian, you are right!

Now, the moms who receive natural food (AN) should continue to eat more nutritious food. Grain, biscuits, breads, cakes – even those that are suitable for dogs – must be avoided.

The overweight of the animal is a factor of attention. This is because obesity hinders the dog’s breathing, in addition to lowering immunity. To offer the best natural diet for your pet, look for a veterinarian specializing in nutrition.

Care for mom and puppies: be sure to check if mom is breastfeeding the furry ones

Care for mom after childbirth

It is essential to accompany the veterinarian during pregnancy, but also in the postpartum period. It is necessary to check the health of the mother to see if she has recovered well after the birth of the puppies.

Be sure to check if she is breastfeeding the litter. Because in the first hours of life, the puppy needs to ingest colostrum (rich in antibodies) through breastfeeding. Thus, the little ones will be able to acquire defenses against diseases while they are not yet able to produce their own.

Provide water and food for mom! When they are very protective, some dogs may not want to leave the litter. So it is important to place the bowl of water and food close to it and check if it is consuming. If she refuses to eat or drink water, you need to see a veterinarian.

Puppy breastfeeding

The 35 to 45 days of life of the litter is the ideal time to maintain the breastfeeding of the puppies, as long as the mother is able to breastfeed. Until then, the furry ones should consume only breast milk that already has the necessary nutrients for healthy growth.

Weaning is a natural process that dogs go through when they are a month or a little older. During this period they can receive baby food, still interspersed with milk. To help the pet understand that what is being served is to eat and not to play, it is necessary to let it smell and lick before offering.

Care for mom and puppies
Care for mom and puppies: the litter can have a lot of energy and you need to follow mom’s food so she can keep up with the puppies’ rhythm!

Puppy feeding

When they start eating solid food, puppies should receive the same feed until 12 or 14 months of age. This is the time when the pet reaches adulthood, starting to receive the appropriate ration for this stage.

Puppies need their feeding to be taken care of carefully. Ideally, the baby’s weight will increase by about 25% in the first six months of life. This should correspond to almost half your weight as an adult. Therefore, the appropriate amount of feed is essential for the growth of a healthy dog. For this, count on the veterinarian’s guidance.

Care for mom and puppies

Strengthen the mother’s body for this very important period. Here is a special tip: natural ingredients can benefit the mother, reinforcing her natural defenses, good nutritional status and facilitating the production of milk to breastfeed the little ones.

Botica Pets offers natural care for this moment: the Maternity & Puppy supplement. It is a product with therapeutic value, in addition to its nutritional qualities. It is indicated for the first half of gestation until the lactation period of the females and, also, during infancy until the adulthood of the puppies.

Among the benefits of the product are: the improvement of the organic response to the infectious diseases of the mother, the action of natural and stimulating antioxidant so that the pregnant or lactating woman offers the essential nutrients for a good bone formation and cartilage tissues of the puppies, without the exhaustion of your body.

Learn more about Pregnant & Puppy, here.

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