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Cat Allergy – Who is the villain, the fur or the saliva?

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Allergy to cats is a very uncomfortable problem in the lives of those who have a feline pet, and can greatly restrict their time playing with the cat, since in a very short period some reactions already begin to manifest in people, depending on of the animal’s allergens. Although there are a number of medications on the market today – both for cats and for people allergic to them – to reduce the symptoms and reactions caused by this type of problem, none of them is, in fact, 100% effective and, therefore, pussy owners have a hard time being able to play and hug their pets at will.

According to popular belief, allergy to cats it would be a complication that occurs due to the animal’s hair. However, recent research and studies prove that the feline’s coat, in itself, does not cause allergic reactions, being the cat’s skin and saliva the real triggers of symptoms such as sneezing and coughing.

Therefore, we can conclude that the existence of hypoallergenic cats (widely publicized by unreliable sources on the web) is pure myth and, as proof of this we can mention Sphinx cats, for example; which in most cases have no hair on the body and, even so, can cause reactions in allergic people.

A very recent research from the University of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, claims to have identified the protein that is in the body of cats and triggers allergic reactions, raising hopes of a definitive cure for the problem, since, until then, the exact cause of the allergen factor in cats was unknown. Check out, in this article, a little more about the causes, symptoms, prevention tips and the newly discovered data about cat allergy, and get ready to spend more and more time with your pet.

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