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As much as the years come and go and it’s always the same, with each new winter we seem to forget our warmest coats and umbrellas at home. And despite the fur, houses, warm covers, the owners always deduce that, in the winter months or on the coldest days, their pets need clothes to help with the heating.

Even cats that, in many breeds, have a lot of fur, it doesn’t seem too much to buy that one cat clothes beautiful that they sold in some store and it looks perfect for your feline.

What for some may be just a treat for the pet, many take it seriously and are concerned with the satisfaction of the owner and the cat in wearing something very cool and fashion. A good example of this is United Bamboo designer Miho Aoki, who decided to create special clothes for cats.

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And it is not the clothes you see there, they are blazers, shirts, sequins and everything else you can have in the owner’s closet and which is now also available for cats. However, it is also worth remembering that the comfort of the pussy that will wear the clothes must be a priority.

Kittens’ clothes must be flexible and must not interfere when moving. In addition, the cat needs to feel good inside the clothes, it cannot be a problem for him to have fun or do anything routine. It is important that the owner pay close attention to his feline during the first attempts to wear the clothes, so that, if he does not seem to be adapting in any way, do not force the use of clothes anymore and look for other alternatives for the heat the pet.

In kittens or elderly cats, the main objective of the clothing is, precisely, the heating and the protection it provides, after all they are in their most sensitive phases and that need more care, even if the care is to fight the cold.

The market around pets is large, so it is increasingly easy to find cat clothes, there are several sizes, models and colors to always get that perfect outfit for the cat, no matter what size it is and if he likes street style, country or any other style more.

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