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Cat Collar Templates

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As with dogs, it is important that the cat collars chosen not only for colors and designs, but also for the quality of the material and the model that provides more comfort and safety for the pussy.

O type of collar ideal for cats it is the breastplate, which holds the bug, avoiding escapes, but without the chance to hurt it as a hanger would, for example. It is recommended that the owner put the collar on and leave two fingers off between it and the cat, avoiding discomfort and, even so, preventing him from escaping.

title = “Ideal Cat Collars” alt = “Ideal Cat Collars” Ideal Cat Collars (Photo: First Time Owner)

Some even recommend that the adaptation to the collar for cats be done gradually, with the owner encouraging small collar walks around the house at first and, after the cat is accepting a better collar, he is taken for a walk on the street with her.

Other sites still point to breakaway cat collars like the perfect model of cat leash, as they open on their own if the cat pulls it out of an obstacle that it has tangled in – and cat owners know how common it is for their pussies to curl up in the most diverse places.

title = “Breakaway Cat Collars – Collars for Cats” alt = “Breakaway Cat Collars – Collars for Cats” Breakaway Cat Collars – Collars for Cats (Photo: Disclosure / PetSmart)

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Is the rattle really necessary?

No. Only if the cat owner has some kind of visual impairment and needs the auditory stimulus of the rattle to locate the cat. Otherwise, the rattle on a cat’s collar serves to bother both the owner and the cat itself, which has a more sensitive hearing than that of humans.

And the flea collar? It works?

Flea collars, or anti-flea collars, are generally considered ineffective by veterinarians, in addition to having insecticidal substances that can be harmful to the cat using the collar. It is essential that at the time of purchase the owner make sure the collar does not have chlorinated hydrocarbons (such as lindane, chlordane) and / or carbaryl (carbamate, propoxur).

Taking a walk is good for the cat’s health!

Although it is more common to find people walking their dogs, cats can, and should, be taken for a walk with a leash and everything. Stimulating the cat to exercise walking helps to avoid behavior problems, facilitating visits to the vet, in addition to combating obesity, scratches on furniture and excessive licking.

It is also good to emphasize the importance of identification plate attached to the cat’s collar. Cats escape the house very easily, so it is important that they are always identified and with a phone number of the owner, in case someone finds the stray cat on the street.

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ATTENTION: This content is for information only and does not replace consultation with a veterinarian or specialized service. Find a supplier near your home.

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