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To have perfect health for your pussy and for her diet to have all the necessary vitamins, salts and nutrients, there are several brands of cat food available, types of food for each size, breed and age of cats.

At cat food they have some restrictions more than dog food, as for example, some pussies cannot feed on cow’s milk. And it is indicated that, for all of them, if you choose to give milk, do not change the type of milk, to avoid future digestion problems or that the cat has diarrhea.

If the cat is newborn, some of the milk options are pet milk, suitable for newborns or milk for newborns of the type NAN 1 or Nestrogene 1. When very young, cats cannot and cannot eat same feed that would be used for an older cat, then one should give the cat food newborns.

If the kitten also has difficulty with solid food, another option is to soften the feed with water or feed in paste, which comes in cans and has a more suitable consistency for this type of situation.

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Older cats, on the other hand, have a lower digestive capacity, also have difficulty chewing, lose part of their taste and smell. They need more care, including food. With softer food, less phosphorus, more protein and a good amount of vitamins C and E.

But, in his long and healthy life, without major health problems, he can enjoy some recipes available from homemade cat food. At the ideal weight of an adult cat, if the owner wants to try some food for the cat per day, about 4.5 to 6% of its weight should be placed and separated between meals, but this also depends on the level of cat activity and age also influences.

If the cat is overweight or underweight, the calculation of the amount of food should be based on the ideal weight of the cat and not what it really weighs. Among some ingredients that can be put in cats’ diets, about 40% to 50% must be meat of any kind, but without bones or bones. Excess fats and skins must also be removed, with everything well cooked.

10% of the diet must be offal, cooked too. The rest (50%) should be divided between 25% for grains or carbohydrates, after soaking for more than 8 hours. And the other 25% for vegetables, if the cats accept and eat without problems, they can even eat with shells, but they must be served after they are cooked.

The supplements have a much lower dosage and should be used in a meal of the day, as calcium (some specific products are sold in pet stores like Cal-D-Tron) has the dosage specified on the product labels. Olive oil and whole natural yogurt should be given in an amount equivalent to a teaspoon.

Yeast and iodized salt are just a pinch, but salt should only be used once a week. And there is also Taurine, which should only be a 150 mg tablet per day, if the vet prescribes it.

You should not mix cat food home made and the feed, one may end up canceling the nutrients of the other. The rations are still indicated as more complete for cats, without risk of major health problems if served in the correct amount.

And even any diet should be seen by a trusted veterinarian, to make sure that all the ingredients are doing the cat good and not helping to develop obesity or health problems.

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ATTENTION: This content is for information only and does not replace consultation with a veterinarian or specialized service. Find a supplier near your home.

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