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Cat Puppies – How to Care for Small Pussies

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Kittens are even more vulnerable than puppies. Pussies need a little more attention. It is recommended that you only separate the puppy from the mother after eight weeks, when the pussy begins to imitate the mother’s habits and already eats food and drinks water.

Introduce milk and wet food only after at least three or four weeks. The puppy must be accustomed to weaning gradually. He can only keep up with one meal a day after 6 months; from 2 months to 6 months they need at least 3 meals a day. Before that, the meals should be in small quantities, but made several times a day, as the stomach of the kittens it’s too small.

This substitution of the kittens’ food must be nutritionally equivalent, that is, the kitten must be fed as nutrient as breast milk and must be done gradually, to accustom the kitten.

Cat grooming and grooming

Cats are known to be clean animals. Indeed they are, if they wash frequently and when doing their physiological needs, they usually cover it with sand until the smell no longer exists. But kittens do not develop this ability so early, so you must provide some essential care.

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O Cat puppy that is created inside the house has no way of knowing where to pee or not. The ideal is to reserve a suitable corner of the house and leave a box with hygienic sand, which must be changed every week. If you have this box with sand, then your cat, by feline instinct, will find the place and will get used to peeing there.

With the litter box, then your cat, by feline instinct, will find the place and will get used to peeing there. At least one litter box must be left for each cat and one more, and if you have only one kitten, and the house is large, litter boxes should be left in more than one place in the house. Click and learn more about the health of cats.

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