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Toys for cats were summed up in a ball of wool until some time ago, however, the market aimed at the pet owner public elaborates more and more options of distraction and fun for the pussies, facilitating the life of those who take care of the animals and increasing the fun of their own.

With basic carnivore and hunting instincts, felines have a lot to benefit from cat toys. Through play, pussies can simulate behaviors that they would have in a nature environment, however, not all types of products are indicated without restrictions for cats, and certain products should be offered to animals only when supervised by their owners.

Scratching posts are a good example of toys that can be used at will by cats, and, in addition to distracting and amusing the feline, they help to educate him and spend his nails, preventing the pet from using sofas and curtains (among other furniture of the house) as victims of its claws.

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Small tunnels (which can even be made with cardboard boxes) are also a good option for cats to have fun, not to mention products like balls with rattles and wands with toys attached by a line, which help to relieve stress symptoms of cats and can be used without restrictions.

With the increase in technology, nowadays it is already possible to find even apps for tablets specially designed for cats, simulating a hunt for mice by tapping the animal’s paw on the device’s screen. The danger, in this case, is restricted to the tablet and not to the animal – which can scratch or even bite the product, causing damage to the device, but not to you.

It is worth remembering that toys with small parts (that can be swallowed by the animal) should be avoided, and activities that include fabric yarn, paper balls or aluminum foil should always count on the observation of the owners of the pussies, avoiding accidents and further complications .

See how it is possible to make a scratching post for cats!

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