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Cat World: the curiosities of felines

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The cat world encompasses a series of curiosities and interesting facts that only exist in the lives of cats. Independent, organized and clean by nature, cats have special gifts that make them unique, and with personalities different from all other animals.

Not so long ago, dogs were considered the main pets by most pet owners, however, over the past decade, cat world it is increasingly present in the lives of busy families, who can enjoy the company of a feline friend without having as many worries as with other types of animals.

Although they are involved in varied and well-known myths, such as the one that claims to have seven lives, cats need periodic visits to the vet like all animals in order for their health to be guaranteed. This is an important fact to note, since, in most cases, cat owners end up not paying much attention to their health because they believe that the independence of the animal is synonymous with constant well-being.

Among some of the most interesting facts about the cats life, is the amount of bones present in your body, which adds up to 245 (39 more than in a human body); and the super hearing that felines have. Contrary to the belief that dogs are the animals with the best sense of hearing, cats’ ears perform better, and can hear up to 65 kilohertz, while dogs reach up to 45 htz.

Vision is another curious aspect in the cat world, as a feline can see up to six times better than a human at night, since it needs only one-sixth of the lighting that men need to see clearly. Capable of jumping up to five times their own height, felines always fall on their feet when there is a minimum time for them to turn around and soften the fall, a fact that contributes to the well-known legend of the seven lives.

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To clarify the myth and direct the attention of owners to the necessary care for cats, we quote that the life expectancy of a street feline is about three years, with that number rising to up to 16 years when the cat is raised indoors by its owner, and there are records of cats that have lived more than two decades.

Another curiosity about the cat world is its agility and balance, which is due to the greater development of its cerebellum, which in the animal world is one of the largest proportionately.

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