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Catnip: Cat Herb

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From the mint family, Nepeta Cataria is the scientific name for catnip, popularly known as cat’s weed. Catnip is native to Europe, Africa and Asia, and is known for its stimulating effects on kittens that come into contact with its leaves.

At catnip leaves they have a substance called neptalactone, which acts on the cat’s brain and causes changes in its behavior, which can make it more agitated, mie, and seek more contact with the plant, rolling over it, or trying to lick it.

The reaction to catnip is considered to be hereditary and it is estimated that 70% of cats actually feel the effects of the herb. Kittens or older cats are unlikely to respond to the effects of catnip, which is more effective in pussies that are of reproductive age. O effect lasts for about ten minutes for every time the cat comes in contact with the grass.

Catnip can be the solution to problems with your cat

Catnip can either relieve stress for very active cats, who live by scratching and damaging objects in the house, or can serve as a stimulant for very listless and discouraged kittens.

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Cat grass can still be placed on cat scratchers, so that the cat gets used to the object and don’t scratch the couch anymore, and in the place that the owner wants his pussy to get used to pee and coconut.

The old doubt about the effect of catnip on humans

Don’t worry: catnip has no effect on humans. As its name suggests, the catnip works only in cats. The only effect on humans is the joy the owner will feel at not having his sofas scratched, or his cat too stressed or too sad.

Does cat weed have side effects or become addictive?

The most that can happen is that the cat sleeps for a long time after playing with the catnip, but this is only due to the fact that it expends a lot of energy when it is in contact with it. The herb is not harmful to health and is not addictive. There are no harmful effects on the cat’s health and it will not become dependent on catnip.

In fact, many toys for cats are already filled with the herb, and it can also be found in petshops.

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