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Cats Crossing – 5 Important things you need to do

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Taken as quite independent, discreet and even sneaky animals, felines don’t even seem to be themselves when it comes to breeding cats, since whoever is in the vicinity of where the mating happens will hardly notice very high meows – which resemble a child cry.

In the case of pet owners, the most favorable period for breeding will also not go unnoticed, as both females and males have a tendency to change their behavior at this stage, showing more interest in animals of the opposite gender and practicing typical actions that indicate your preparation for cross of cats.

However, whoever owns a feline pet should know some details regarding the mating of the kittens and, before cheering up to receive a litter of cute kittens, it is important that the owner of the pet has already defined what will be the destiny of the chicks.

Bearing in mind that the large number of animals abandoned on the streets, in many cases, is the result of this lack of planning, it is necessary to remember that if there are no conditions to maintain a litter of kittens or donating them to anyone who can give them comfort and attention, the animal’s castration may be the best solution to avoid even more lost pets around the world.

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