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Cats Going Out – Care

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Cats are independent animals. The cats that go out on the street are the greatest proof of this independence. But have you ever stopped to imagine where your cat walks when it strolls at dawn and that you need to pay attention to certain precautions?

The cats going out, they do it for many reasons, to date, to hunt, to just walk or to do their needs in a different environment. But the street is not an ideal place for a cat.

Cats do live on the streets, the biggest example of which are street cats, but the domestic cat, which is used to the comforts of home, can have complications in these strolls at night.

Necessary care

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The cats that go out on the streets they are exposed to a series of diseases, such as rhinotracheitis, which is the flu of the pussy; chlamydiosis, a bacterium that causes conjunctivitis; panleukopenia, which is a virus; toxoplasmosis; the dipilidium worm that is transmitted by the flea, easily possible to be caught on the streets; hemobartonella, which causes anemia and scabies.

It is impossible to avoid your cat’s exits, as he needs those exits, to be outdoors, and as a cat is not an animal to keep on a leash, you will hardly be able to arrest him. What you can do is keep your feline up to date with vaccines, this is extremely important, so he is not as exposed to contracting diseases.

Among other precautions that you should be aware of in order not to make the cats going out a problem, is to put on a collar. Not to arrest, but to identify. The collar can contain the name of the cat and the phone number for contacting the owner if the cat is lost or found injured.

It is also important that the house has an exit / entrance that is easy to access for the cat, so he can return whenever he wants. A good alternative is to attach a cat door to the back door of the house.

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