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Do you love pets? Learn how to support initiatives that care for furry ones

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Did you know that World Animal Day is celebrated on October 4th? With that in mind, we produce content for those who are a-pai-xo-na-do for them, especially dogs and cats. That’s because one of the ways to show all this love is by supporting initiatives that care for and protect the furry ones. Read on for some ideas of what you can do! Support NGOs that care for dogs and cats There are several NGOs in Brazil that care for abandoned dogs and cats. As they do not have government support, these institutions are supported and donated by people or companies. Thus, there are several ways to support them, whether by donating in cash, buying their products (calendars, t-shirts, etc.), or taking products such as food, bedding, clothes, collars, toys, medicines, hygiene and cleaning products. Meet some of them: Adopt a Kitten Friends of São Francisco Ampara Animal Ark Brazil Dog Without Owner Clube dos Vira-Latas Suipa Volunteer or sponsor a pet Many NGOs accept the support of volunteers for the various activities that need to be carried out so that the institution can keep working. You can get in touch with those responsible for the NGO and help with tasks such as taking care of animals, bathing and grooming, taking walks, facilitating the transport of animals, participating in fairs and adoption events. If you also have a company you can help by promoting adoption events at your establishment. The sponsorship of a dog, on the other hand, is a way for NGOs to obtain cash resources to help with the daily task of taking care of animals, in addition to giving them more peace of mind and being able to better plan their actions. Therefore, you will make a monthly payment of a certain amount when choosing an animal to sponsor. Find out about petitions that ask for greater protection for animals Change.org is one of the sites that hosts public petitions to protect the animal cause. Among the topics available for signature is the increased penalty for people who mistreat animals. Find out more on the website! Know our cause Botica Pets also does its part to have a better world. In all purchases made in our store, we will allocate part of the amount to the Brazilian institutions AMPARA Animal and Saúde Criança. Our goal is to contribute to these two NGOs that support pets and children. And you can help us, without paying anything extra for it! It works like this: at the end of the purchase, on the Cart page, you choose the cause you want to help and Welight, our partner, is in charge of allocating the resource to the selected initiative. The result generated can be followed on the page of each entity within the Welight platform! In addition to being a company that invests in the health and well-being of pets through essentially natural ingredients, Botica Pets is very concerned with these two causes. Did you like this content? So take the opportunity to join our Telegram group and receive weekly information about caring for dogs and cats.

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