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Dog at the Mall – Can I take my pet shopping?

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Think about it: you love your pet and he loves you too. You love being together. Your pet is super docile and sociable. You love shopping and strolling through malls and other major shopping centers. Putting all this information together, it is almost impossible to avoid the thought: “Can I take my dog ​​to the mall with me?”

In an ideal world, yes. Many shopping malls in the country already accept dogs circulating in the corridors, from small dogs to big ones. In this large consumer chain that is our shopping malls, our dogs are no longer just loyal companions, but also consumers, since many stores specialize in pets. So, to answer the question asked up there, yes, it is possible to walk with your dog at the mall! (At least, in most of them.)

Many owners have divided opinions about taking their dogs shopping with them. Some are totally in favor of taking their pets in shopping mall stores, others do not see such a need, since their pets have specific places, like squares and parks, where they can stroll quietly. Because they are full of people, shopping malls can be very stressful to take your dog.

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