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Dog biscuits have long been one of the most used tricks to attract pets’ attention in the most diverse situations. Can be used as a bargaining chip in animal training processes, this type of snack is loved by puppies, who become obedient and polite in the face of the possibility of an edible treat.

Developed in an increasing variety by the industry that caters to the pet segment today, dog biscuits they can also be a powerful tool to improve and maintain canine health, counting on diversified and beneficial nutrients in their properties, even when industrialized.

Homemade snack recipes are also famous among pet owners, who can find healthy and appetizing formulas for their pets through varied sources of information. To make life easier for the owner who opts for home-made food, the market already has special kits for the task, which include accessories and molds suitable for homemade canine biscuit production.

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Having the advantage of not having any kind of preservatives or antioxidants, homemade snacks they can add good nutrients to pets’ organisms, offering advantages that go beyond those already offered by diets. However, with the increasing advances in research and technology in the industry that operates in this segment, many believe in a greater adhesion of dogs to industrialized products, which highlight – in addition to healthy properties – extremely attractive aromas and textures for pets.

Whether homemade or industrialized, the dog biscuit can be a great option to nourish, calm, please and even help train your pet, as long as care is taken (always) not to overdo the dose.

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