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Dog bones are one of the most present items in the home of those who have pets, and it is not uncommon to find one of them in the favorite corners of rest and relaxation of animals. However, this small canine liking can result in problems if certain factors are not taken into account, and this is an issue that ends up quite confusing those who have animals at home.

To clarify this issue, it is worth remembering that there are no bones for dogs which can do harm, and in some cases the pet may even benefit from a good bite of bones. Able to help the dog get rid of tartar and dirt that can get stuck in its teeth and gums, bones (especially those that have meat and marrow), in addition to improving the oral health of dogs, can add proteins and mineral salts in pets’ diet effortlessly.

Billed as a great option for fun and distraction, bones start to generate chances of posing problems for dogs when there is a lack of attention in choosing the bone for the dog by the owner. Very small and easily broken bones (such as chickens and chickens, for example) are some of the most dangerous types for dogs, as they can cause the animal’s airway obstruction, leading to episodes of choking that can be fatal .

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In case of big bones for dog attention should not be missed, as, over time, dog bites end up softening the bone, which becomes smaller and easier to swallow. Because it cannot be broken, it is common for dogs to eat the bone all at once when it subsides, and it may get stuck in the animal’s throat or even in its intestine, requiring surgical intervention to remove it. With advantages and dangers, the important thing to remember when choosing your dog bone is that constant supervision is the keyword.

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