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Dog Clothes Patterns

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It is not always easy to find that outfit that is the face of your dog and sometimes the price is not very appealing either. What to do at these times? A good way out is to do at home using dog clothes patterns, which allows you to create the clothes you always wanted for your pet, in the correct size to make it comfortable and stylish.

But how to make the clothes? Using dog clothes patterns you can create different models using different types of fabrics, just let your creativity run wild and follow a few steps.

The first step in sewing a dog clothes is to measure your puppy. There are standard measurements like our clothes, but just as we don’t always adjust the size of our clothes, this can also happen with their clothes. With the dog calm, check the circumference of the neck, the chest and the length of it, from the neck to the beginning of the tail, without squeezing.

With these measures, just look for the clothes patterns for dogs that you like the most and start the job! There are models from the simplest to costumes for your pet to be beautiful and unique.

When buying the fabric it is necessary to pay attention to choose one that does not cause allergies in the pet, without forgetting to buy the bias (that fabric that finishes the clothes) and a wrist in the same tone to finish the neck, ensuring that your pet will be comfortable in the new outfit.

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All this in hand, just start sewing, following the instructions of the pattern you chose. It is important to remember that it is best to do this on a sewing machine, to make the finishing of the clothes more accurate, in addition to being more practical as well.

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