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Dog Cupcake – They can too!

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The market for animals has become more and more specialized and, of course, making the furry ones feel more and more inserted in the universe of their owners.

And one of the fastest growing areas is food, with emphasis on dog cupcake. This delicacy is very popular because having a birthday party for them has become a craze, as well as photographing this moment and having a memory of the friend every year. And as a normal cake would be inappropriate, nothing better than this delicacy, which is made in the right size and with special ingredients for feeding the pets.

What can and cannot in a dog cupcake

This snack for animals must be made with natural and organic products. Chocolate, for example, cannot be cocoa, so “normal” sugar and milk, salt, coloring and preservatives are prohibited.

As for the recipe materials, they are practically the same as a cake for people, but always focused on the organic type, such as flour, the oil must be vegetable, the butter must be peanut butter (not the common one) and to sweeten it needs be used honey, which is natural. The topping can be with carob or the special chocolate for animals. So the cupcake for dogs it is edible even for the owner, who, for sure, will make his mouth water, just like the dog.

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If you want to make it in a salted version, use grated vegetables, such as carrots, beets, hearts of palm, radishes, among others that they can eat (always checking the quality and origin), then complement with peas and chopped parsley, take them to the oven and finish with some rations placed on top of it, decorating it, or insert a cookie, adding even more charm to this special delicacy.

However, remember that if the dog cupcake is of this type, never use raw onion, pepper, potato or manioc, sprouts, in addition to the leaf and stem of the tomato.

When to give him the dog cupcake?

Even if it is made with specific products for animals, the feed is and will always be the best food for your pet. Therefore, the cupcake, as well as cookies, bones and all kinds of edible treats, must be given to him in peculiar situations, as a treat, at the time of training or on holidays, which are sporadic.

So, no matter how much your furry face looks and asks for his dog cupcake, explain that on the next special occasion he will win another one, because he will surely understand the message!

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