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Dogs need special care and one of these concerns is regarding food. The recommended dog foods are rations, but there is a new type of ration that has been taught, homemade ration.

The homemade kibble cannot be confused with the homemade food that we eat for lunch and dinner. Our food is not recommended to be given to dogs, because the nutrients and vitamins that our body needs are not the same as the dog needs, the dog food must be differentiated.

The dog needs specific nutrients to maintain good health, which are found in the best rations available on the market today. But as good as these industrialized feeds is the homemade feed.

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Homemade food

THE Dog Food it must be balanced, we cannot give them what we eat. But the feed made with certain ingredients that we use at home, besides being cheaper, is devoid of any chemical product that may come in commercialized feed.

The homemade kibble needs to have bones, but it is worth paying attention to the detail that the bone must be raw, as the cooked bone facilitates it to release chips after ingestion, and can pierce the dog’s intestines.

Dog food cannot be made only from bones, it must have meat, boneless, cooked. The meat can be bovine, swine or poultry. It should also contain some types of viscera, such as beef liver or gizzards, raw vegetables beaten in a blender to form a paste and cooked vegetables.

It is recommended to place sources of food supplements, such as ground eggshell and powdered milk, which are sources of calcium for the dog. Linseed oil to treat the coat. And also garlic, which helps the dog to develop resistance against infections.

The most popular homemade feed to supply dog food commercialized is the mixture of rice, which is a source of starch, ground meat and cooked carrots. The variation is up to you, for the dog not to get sick of the taste, the important thing is to have the nutrients necessary for your pet’s health.

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