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Dog Friendly Hotels – Travel Options

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Hotels that accept dogs were hardly found a few years ago, however, with the increasing growth of families with pets, the hotel market begins to create new options and specific accommodations for guests with animals. What was an almost impossible task about a decade ago, can now be easily solved, since Brazil has more than a hundred places where dogs and other domestic animals are allowed to enter.

Names of great prestige and recognition are already among the hotels that accept dogs in its facilities, and even establishments such as Copacabana Palace, Fasano, Sheraton, Mercure and Hilton are included in this list, in addition to networks such as Atlantica, which has units in different states of the country.

There are already many options of inns, farm hotels and luxury hotels that can be considered pet-friendly today and, according to the management of the lodging networks themselves, the personality and behavior of the dog are more taken into account than the size or breed of the animal in question.

Dogs of mini and small size are, in general, better accepted, however, negotiations can be made, and the main factor for the admission of an animal in one of these establishments is the guarantee that the other guests are not disturbed during their stay.

Avoiding that owners need to search for specific places for animals, these establishments, most of the time, charge a small extra fee so that a pet can stay with the family, and in some cases, not even an additional fee is required. charged to take advantage of this benefit.

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While some of hotels that accept dogs they allow the pet to stay with the owner in the room, others have special kennels that house the animals while their owners stay in the suites. Establishments outside Brazil also already have this type of service, and in the United States it is not difficult to find hotels where you can spend the holidays with your pet.

In case the place you chose to visit does not have any type of hotel that accepts dogs, you can also opt for special hotels for dogs or even find a farm hotel to leave your friend.

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