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Dog Health in Detail

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The key word for dog care and health is prevention. There are some basic points that must be taken into account to maintain the health of the dog, especially your dog.

At the beginning of his life, at 30 days, vermifuge your puppy and, if possible, get the first preventive vaccine for parvovirus, and this first procedure is usually done in the kennel.

Up to 45 days, your animal has the filth inherited from its mother, so it is at 45 days that vaccination with multipurpose vaccines: polyvalent vaccine v8 and polyvalent vaccine v10. It is important to always use brands considered ethical and official, that is, brands of reputable companies, which in case of vaccination failure will give you the necessary support.

It is also very important that the vaccine is always applied by a veterinarian, so that its stamp and signature guarantee the vaccination. There are several types of protocols for different vaccines for dogs, both early in life and in maintaining this immunity.

The dog’s health also implies its castration. There are several myths about the castration of males and females that are eliminated by technical studies, in summary, if you do not want a young puppy, it is indicated to castrate young dogs. Neutering serves as a prevention for diseases of dogs, males and females. A basic example of these diseases in males is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which is nothing more than an enlarged prostate, which ends up disrupting the animal’s physiological functions.

Another dog disease that we can give as an example in these dog health tips is testicular cancer. This disease is more related to male, elderly and non-neutered dogs, bringing the need for the dog’s castration in a more delicate period of life for general anesthesia.

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In females, castration serves as a prevention for breast cancer and infection of the uterus, known as pyometra. Diseases that are still the main cause of death in elderly dogs.

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