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Dog Life – Dog Trivia

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Dog life is now the name of a song, movie, website and store, not to mention that the term can also be used to define a hard and sweaty survival for humans. But for dogs, life is not about suffering, and it can be synonymous with a lot of joy, health, energy, disposition and even peace of mind.

Varied and interesting features can be seen in the Dog life, and whoever has a pet at home knows how curious they can be and awaken our attention, both in the actions of affection and play and in the very development of the animal that, despite being considered man’s best friend, is very different from him .

To start with some of the most famous curiosities regarding dogs, we can mention their view. Despite what is popularly said, dogs do not only see in black and white, and are also able to notice colors. However, not in the same way as humans, as they see shades like blue, green, orange and red with a kind of color blindness, making no distinction between these colors.

Another interesting fact is the difference between the age of animals compared to humans. Contrary to what the belief says, a canine year does not exactly represent seven human years and, to define the dog’s age, it is necessary to analyze much more than a simple account, taking into account factors such as breed, size, weight and etc., being that dog life can reach about 15 years or more.

The ability to sniff is another reference in the canine world, and many dogs can be considered among the best trained “policemen” in the world, being able to find what no human scent would achieve in a crowd.

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Drugs, equipment, bacteria, ores and people fit into the group of items that a dog can sniff, not to mention their ability to detect even cancer cells and the fertile period of different animals, such as cows.

Although they act in ways that seem pointless at times, dogs are the animals that best communicate with humans, and can be efficiently trained and educated if their owner has a little patience, and focuses more on the happiness of your pet to see him come home than in the mess he made while alone. In this way, it is possible to transform the famous “dog life” into a synonym of happiness!

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