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Dog of Ana Maria Braga

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The viewers of the Mais Você program, presented daily by Ana Maria Braga on the morning of Rede Globo’s programming, know that as the years passed, it stopped being a simple cooking and handicraft program, but also started to have a social, journalistic appeal. and even humor. Who has many credits in this is the dog of Ana Maria Braga who, in fact, is a dog called Belinha.

Along with many changes in the Mais Você program by Ana Maria Braga, new elements were included in the program. One of them is the participation of the presenter’s dogs, who walk around the scene freely and make everything more cheerful. The most present is the Ana Maria Braga’s dog called Belinha, a little dog of the poodle breed that is very charismatic.

The oldest and most loved

Belinha is already a lady, is 11 years old and was the first to participate in the program. Since the beginning she has conquered several fans, with several minutes of Ana Maria Braga’s program reserved for her to be seated next to the presenter while different themes are debated. Being an important part of the program’s format transition, Belinha and the other dogs put on a show during Mais Você.

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As much as there are now other dogs that frequent Mais Você, Belinha has always been known as the real dog of Ana Maria Braga, having groups through social networks that are made to admire it.

Belinha is also part of a social work

On May 30, 2012, a Facebook page was created for her, called Belinha & Amigos.

Contrary to what many may think, this is not simply a Facebook page for Ana Maria Braga’s dog, but social work in favor of abandoned animals. Photos of dogs that are for adoption and care are released, as well as disclosure of search for stray dogs and other news about the animal world.

The page reached more than 1,200 likes in less than 24 hours after it was created, using the image of Ana Maria Braga’s dog for this work to be widely publicized.

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