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Dog Racing – Dangerous Sports

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Dog races have been going on for many, many years, originally in England, where they are still popular today. It basically consists of a race for speed competed by dogs, more usually greyhound breeds.

According to local history, dog racing appeared around 1776, when a sports club appeared in the city of Norfolk. The members of this club had Greyhounds, famous for their centuries-old ability to hunt hares, let the dogs chase their prey indoors.

In 1836, an association called the Altar Club organized the predecessor of dog racing in history. The race featured eight participating dogs that chased a hare. From there, the Waterloo Cup prize was created, which is known worldwide until today.

From 1857 onwards, dog racing they were already so popular that the number of running dogs reached 64, setting groups of 8 for the dispute, this is the system maintained until today. And it was in 1876 that the mechanical hare appeared, the one that runs in the corner of the track, which motivates the dogs to run.

Greyhound dogs became the main participation in these races. This is because it is a very fast breed, a true sports dog. Greyhound combines agility, speed and a powerful ability to propel yourself on the steps during the race, making you reach a good route.

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