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Dog stuff has always been on the market and, until about a decade ago, could be defined almost like any object that served to distract the animal. Currently, the situation is different, and both dogs and cats, birds and other types of animals are increasingly given options of products specifically developed to meet their needs.

Whether in the food, clothing, toys, accessories and even luxury segments, the dog stuff gain more and more space within the market for articles for animals, and today it is not uncommon to find beauty treatments that even include massages and relaxing baths for pets.

It can be said that the time is gone when whistles, clikers, balls, bones, simple walks and collars were among the most desired and purchased items by dog ​​owners. Today, these same items can still be easily found, however, they have gained improved versions – in some cases, even luxurious – considering that specific bags to carry pets and collars composed of jewelry are already produced by well-known and internationally respected brands launching fashion. for dogs, not to mention the new versions of beds, increasingly similar to the beds of the owners themselves.

In terms of clothing, the variety is also immense, and the clothes that used to be the only option for dressing animals have been replaced by dresses, tops, skirts, jackets and even accessories such as shoes, caps, ties, hats and ties – not to mention the market canine haute couture, which even offers wedding dresses for puppies.

At the world of things for dogs, products that facilitate the process of training animals are very successful, and include items that can both speed up the understanding of dogs and help in their control. Containers in which the dog learns to eat more slowly, products that induce the curiosity of the animal through rewards and toys that jump, whistle and can be bitten (and that already exist in versions developed for elderly dogs) are also part of the list.

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