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Dog Supplies – Safety, Fun and More

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Dog supplies can be found in droves these days, when the world pet market is growing at a rapid pace, as is the number of new pet owners. Providing products of the most varied models and versions, the industry that operates in the animal segment bets on the production of safety, control, hygiene, entertainment and comfort items for pets, helping to maintain the quality of life of canines of all sizes.

In addition, the area of ​​luxury and fashion is also increasingly developed in the matter of articles for dogs, allowing that, in addition to being healthy, dogs can be elegant. And it is not only in fashion that luxury stands out in the animal world, since, today, practically any basic item of care, safety and even dog food can be found in luxurious versions.

Taking into account the fact that there are a multitude of dog supplies that are absolutely necessary for your well-being, anyone planning to buy or adopt a canine pet should think carefully – since the dogs’ life expectancy it is around 12 years old and, during that period, a series of products and special care cannot be missing in the animal’s life. This explains why many pet owners compare the entry of a new four-legged friend into the family with the birth of a child, as the attention and care – as well as the expenses – are constant.


Among collars, guides, muzzles, hangers, brushes, toys, bones, rations, snacks, beds, clothes, houses, and many other items for dealing with dogs, pet owners pay an increasing amount to offer the package full of dog supplies; not to mention the variety of services that are also necessary to keep the animals’ health up to date, such as baths, grooming and veterinary consultations, among others.

Heated, the pet market (which raised more than R $ 14 billion in 2012 alone) continues to bet on the difference in consumer profiles to attract and sell more and more – proof of this is that, today, the popularity of pet products is so great that even stores in other segments already have sections entirely dedicated to pets, allowing the purchase of a series of products for dogs and cats without the need to visit pet stores.

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