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Whether for transport on trips or even for training, the transport box for dogs causes several doubts in pet owners, whether about their material, size and even comfort.

Many owners consider transport boxes for dogs cruel, for leaving animals trapped in a small and restricted environment during travel. In the same way that this can cause discomfort for some owners, for others the box is sure that the animal will be safer in cases of accidents than if it were loose in the car seat, for example, it is like a mobile room for the pet.

Made of various materials, the most common are plastic ones, such as those used for air transport, or wire ones, as you can see in some petshops or adoption fairs, with a metal tray at the bottom. The plastic boxes are still divided into several categories, depending on the model and the quality of the plastic used in their manufacture.

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Plastic boxes for dogs are more recommended for animals that like a darker and cozy environment, but, regardless of the material, it is important to choose the correct size of the box, the dog must have space to stand and move inside in a small circle, same way that happens with the dog houses.

Transport boxes as training

Like collars, transport boxes can be used to train and educate your dog, both for dogs that spend time alone at home and for dogs that tend to try to destroy things.

In this case it is necessary to observe the size of the box – it cannot be too small, restricting the dog’s movements, nor too large, giving an excess of freedom inside. The advisable is to buy the pet shipping box thinking about the size of the adult dog and using barriers to limit its internal size while it is a puppy.

If you are leaving the pet in the box, you need to get used to it first and never exceed the recommended time. It is advisable that this time does not exceed one hour for each month of age of the puppy and that the maximum time does not exceed 10 hours (the average time of a working day). An unaccustomed animal may panic and, in addition to destroying the box, be seriously injured.

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