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Dog Tricks – How to Play and Teach Your Dog

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Dog tricks are a constant pursuit among those who have pets at home and like to make their pets the center of attention. However, teaching cute dogs and performances to dogs is not just for the pet to have fun and can entertain people, and the benefits involved in the animals’ learning processes can go far beyond simple games.

Owners who are able to hire a professional dressage service can immediately see the results of teaching tricks for dogs; however, it is possible to demonstrate a series of basic commands and games to animals, even without the help of professionals, making pets more calm, well-behaved and, above all, playful.

As in many other canine learning processes, the sooner dog training is started, the faster it will assimilate the commands and rules; therefore, it is clear that the initial phase of the pets life is the ideal one to start teaching tricks, rules and behaviors – being that the four-legged friends with more than two months of life are already able to receive and understand specific commands.

Increasingly heated and agitated, the pet market already offers an immense variety of tools that can help considerably in learning process of dogs, and the clicker remains among the main and most popular products used by those who want to train their pets.

Consisting of a plastic box that fits in the palm of the hand, the clicker, when pressed, emits a specific noise of two clicks, which effectively draws the animal’s attention and allows it to associate it with the perception of good behavior and the feeling of reward.

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